Three Forests (commissioned by The Wire)

Upcoming releases:

Taku Sugimoto – Octet feat. Sam Dunscombe, Cat Lamb, Johnny Chang, Lucy Railton, Rebecca Lane, Michiko Ogawa, Jon Heilbron, Fredrik Rasten [Ftarri]

Horatiu Radulescu – Plasmatic Music vol. 1 [Mode]

Released (selected):

2021 – Sam Dunscombe: Outside Ludlow / Desert Disco [Black Truffle]

2021 – Yvette Janine Jackson – Freedom [Fridman Gallery]

2020 – Taku Sugimoto, Sam Dunscombe, Denis Sorokin, Michiko Ogawa – Trios [NCTMMRN]

2019 – Taku Sugimoto, Michiko Ogawa, Sam Dunscombe – Two Clarinets and Guitar [Suppedanaeum]

2019 – Golden Fur and Klaus Lang – Beissel [Another Timbre]

2018 – Viola Torros (with the Suidoubashi Chamber Ensemble) [Another Timbre]

2017 – Sam Dunscombe, Eva-Maria Houben, Rebecca Lane: Observing Objects [Editions Wandelweiser]

2017 – Taku Sugimoto Quintets: Berlin, San Diego [Meena 984]

2017 – Sam Dunscombe and Tim Olive: Zanshi [Kendra Steiner Editions KSE371]

2017 – Yvette Jackson: Invisible People

2017 – An Organ for the Senses [Marginal Frequency MFLP-A]