Sam Dunscombe is a performer, composer, sound artist, and audio engineer. Sam is interested in the multi-dimensional perception of time, which has led her to explorations in spectralism, just-intonation, improvisation, the performance of complex-notated repertoire, field recording, audio engineering, and live electronic performance.

Sam has performed at major festivals and concert series around the world, including conducting the opening night concert of the 2019 MaerzMusik festival in Berlin, being an artist-in-residence at Ilan Volkov’s Tectonics Festival in Tel Aviv, presenting a three day performance and sound installation at the Tokyo Experimental Festival, and many others. Her 2021 release on Black Truffle, Outside Ludlow / Desert Disco, was critically well received, and featured in the July 2021 issue of The Wire. Sam also has albums available on Another Timbre (with Golden Fur and Klaus Lang), Ftarri (with Taku Sugimoto), and many others. Sam has a Doctor of Musical Arts from UC San Diego with a thesis exploring the clarinet works of French-Romanian composer Horatiu Radulescu, and now works as the archivist to his estate.


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“Against the dusty drift of the tape, its rawness and brutality is startling” – The Wire

“Dunscombe has crafted two works of mesmeric and haunting ambient beauty that hearken back to their source and look forward to transformation and rebirth.” – The Sound Projector

“Its layers dynamically weave to reveal a tapestry seemingly depicting associations of manifest destiny and its post-apocalypse in the desert. The violent progress of military and mining and trains and western religion across the desert matching and exceeding that hostile environment’s desiccating heat, disintegrating wind, bold exhibition of death in its preservation of bones to mold a scape of desolation reflected in this bleak sound.” – harmonicseries.substack

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